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Our most common questions are listed below.

If you have any additional questions or concerns not addressed, please contact us and we are happy to provide further assistance.

Booking Questions

While we are happy to try and accommodate last-minute requests, our availability is subject to other reservations, as well as our staffing schedule. If you want a picnic for a special event, or special date, please reserve the date as soon as possible. Weekends tend to book quickly, so if that’s your preference please reserve at least 2-weeks in advance. We always try our best to schedule all of our inquiries, but please be aware that sometimes that may not be possible.


The latest time we book picnics in public parks, beaches or spaces is 1 hour and 45 minutes before sunset and end 15 minutes after sunset. If you wish to extend your picnic later into nighttime, please contact us so we can discuss details in advance. We need to look into park hours and regulations, along with plans for lighting and a safe location.

After you sign up and pay for your services, we can reschedule you for another day or future date with 72-hours notice. After that, there is a 50% rescheduling fee to change your reservation. We do not give refunds. Please let us know as soon as possible if your date no longer works so we can provide that opportunity to someone else. Rescheduling must be done within 90 days, for a Florida resident, or 120 days for a non-Florida resident of cancelled event. New booking must be at equal or higher value.

Please refer to our picnic experiences page for details.

Once your menu, destination, and theme are selected, here’s what you can expect: Your picnic is set up by a Local Revival staff member (Or, your picnic host/hostess) at the agreed-upon destination. You’ll receive a location pin via text message of your exact destination thirty (30) minutes prior to your reservation start time. Your picnic host/hostess will greet you, leave, and come back at the end of your reservation. Your picnic host/hostess will text you 15 minutes before the end of your reservation letting you know when they’re on their way.

Should you choose to leave your picnic earlier than planned, or incase of any emergency that may arise, we will provide you with a contact number to reach out to your host/hostess for early clean-up. Please check in with us about 15-minutes before you’re ready to leave so your host/hostess can be there promptly.

We advise to include small children in the guest count if additional seating, food and/or beverages will be needed. We want to make sure each guest is taken care of! We also have a children’s add-on package that you might consider depending on the age of the child/children attending.

Location Questions

We have a list of our preferred locations here. Please refer to this list often as we may add, or delete, locations as necessary.

Absolutely not! Please feel free to contact us with a suggestion of your choice. Before booking we will need to make sure there aren’t any special rules or regulations we need to consider. We will hold your proposed date until everything is verified, then you can proceed with the booking as normal. Please keep in mind if your location is outside of the city of Tampa (or our preferred locations), additional fees may apply.

Definitely! Backyard picnics are the best way to have full privacy. When filling out your booking form, indicate this is your preferred location. Please keep in mind if your home is outside of the city of Tampa (or our preferred locations), additional fees may apply.

We do our best to find the perfect location for your picnic experience. However, we cannot guarantee it will be completely secluded from other guests if it’s in a public space. If you’re looking for privacy, we recommend possibly considering your own backyard.

That depends on the location, number of people, and possibly some other factors. Our preferred locations combined with our standard picnic do not require you to obtain a permit. If you have a special spot in mind, we’ll let you know if a permit is needed and can help you with that process.

Day-of Picnic Questions

Our reservations typically last two (2) hours. If you’re looking for a longer experience, please contact us and we’re happy to put together a custom quote.

We do not stay on-site for the duration of your reservation time. However, if you need us during your event, you can call or text your picnic host/hostess and we will be on-site within minutes.

Because we live in Florida, we realize there’s always a possibility for a pop-up shower or thunderstorm. Especially in the summer months. However, we will do our best to still make sure your picnic experience happens. If we notice the weather will be unfavorable before your day/time arrives (60% chance of rain or greater), we will contact you beforehand to reschedule for another day. We also reserve the right to reschedule a picnic due to inclement weather up until start time of your picnic experience.

If weather suddenly pops up during your picnic experience, your picnic host/hostess will be nearby to assist. Depending on how much time is left for your reservation, we will contact you the next day to discuss.

There is no cancellation charge for rescheduling your picnic due to bad weather. If you’re a resident of Florida, you will have 90 days to reschedule your picnic experience. If you’re a non-Florida resident, you will have 120 days to reschedule your picnic experience.

We ask that you please communicate with us as much as you possibly can. We allow up to 10 minutes for late arrivals, but if you foresee your timing changing, please contact us to discuss. If you are 30 minutes late or more, it will carve into your allotted picnic time. If we don’t have another picnic booked immediately after yours, we may be able to extend your time for an additional hour for $50.

If you’d like to leave your picnic early, please give your picnic host/hostess a quick call or text. You are responsible for your picnic for the duration of your reservation time, so please be sure one of our staff is there before you leave.

Guests are welcome. However, if it isn’t noted, and paid for, during your booking, it’s possible there won’t be enough food and drinks for everyone to enjoy.

Food & Beverage Questions

You are welcome to bring your own items, however, depending on the location, alcohol may not be permitted. We are not responsible for any fines/tickets issued to you if public park rules are not observed.

Yes, our grazing boxes can be made gluten-free, vegetarian, or vegan. As you are booking your experience, please make a note of it in the comments section. We recommend anyone with a severe food allergy refrain from consuming our products as we can’t guarantee the boxes, boards and tables are prepared in an allergen-free environment. Or that our grazing boxes are packed in a culinary setting completely free of allergens.

We currently offer lemonade, sparkling or flat water, mocktails, or other non-alcoholic beverage of your choice. We will also provide beautiful glassware for your beverages. Some public parks do not allow alcoholic beverages on the premises, and due to local licensing laws, we do not offer that option at this time. Please note that you’re more than welcome to bring alcohol to places where it’s permitted. We are not responsible for any fines/tickets if issued to you if public park rules are not observed.

We only customize menus for larger picnic experiences. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out so we can discuss options with you.

Guests are welcome. However, if it isn’t noted, and paid for, during your booking, it’s possible there won’t be enough food and drinks for everyone to enjoy.

Loss or Damage

All rental items supplied for your picnic experience are property of Local Revival, Inc. unless otherwise stated in writing. We charge a fee equal to the current replacement cost of the item damaged, stolen or lost. By booking your picnic experience, you agree to cover the cost of any damaged, lost or stolen items while under your supervision/during your picnic reservation time.


We understand that minor stains could happen with food and beverages during the picnic. However, anything that looks deliberately harmed will be considered a damaged product and the cost of a replacement product will be charged to you.

It is your responsibility for the safety and care of all rental items during your picnic experience, and until the items are collected by your picnic host/hostess at the end of your event. Local Revival, Inc. accepts no responsibility for injuries sustained where guests move or incorrectly use the picnic items against the recommendation or instruction of Local Revival, Inc./your picnic host/hostess.